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Chic Talent / Chic Festivals


Chic Festivals

Chic Festivals has been up and running since the end of Feb 2008 and caters for all our European Festival activities.  2013 sees Chic Festivals staging seven UK Festivals as well as some branded stages throughout Europe.  In addition to staging our own festivals, Chic will also engage in all areas of production, promotion, security, marketing, brand placement and logistics offering a complete VI vision.

2012 seen the creation of Chic PR and Chic Touring, adding all these services to a well equipped one stop solution.

Chic Talent

Chic Talent is an artist and brand management agency working in over 89 countries of the world. It provides logistical and marketing support to over 300 artists and 30 promoters worldwide. This division also has a full artist management division which now controls various DJ’s from the Hard Dance, Trance and Old Skool genres.

2011 seen an acquisition being rebranded as Chic Talent ( Live Division), launching it into the Live Talent market as well as personal management for a few select rock bands.

Chic Merch

Initially an online proposition to service Chic’s multiple festival brands, Chic Merch is now offering its services externally as well as on line to exciting new brands. Chic Merch’s current online portfolio include, HRH Merch, Hammerfest Merch,SFW the Tidy & Atomik stores.