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Off Yer Rocka Recordings

"Off Yer Rocka" Recordings was aimed at new as well as existing artists and offer a worldwide futuristic digital solution in over 36 languages including Japanese, Mandarin, Arabic and Russian. Our whole back end will be linked to the emc3i marketing machine & HRH media Division, which ultimately connects it to every division of our portfolio.

We will also supply physical for touring and European destinations as well as satellite office support in key destinations such as Germany ,Scandinavia & Spain. 

Our vision is to make OYR a one stop VI solution for any artist who can now basically carry out all their activity with one company and have real time access to see its progress in motion.

This isn't a new area for us, however the way we have coded the software and integrated it into our new multi lingual platforms, which ultimately will evolutionise the way we can reach markets and virtually sell in our sleep.

OYR, went into profit within 48 hours of release....., with 3 DVD's, 9 Live albums and 50 studio albums signed and released Phase 7 will see us doubling our output with a second label coming on line this space.....but dont blink !!