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What's the story...

emc3i is a specialist management and marketing consultancy which offers innovative solutions to internal and external portfolios based on its new wave marketing platforms. emc3i challenges all traditional above, below and through the line methods by carefully "mutating" its vast databases with all the futuristic mechanics within its E, M and C commerce platforms and engaging on two levels.

emc3i’s own in-house portfolio operates in most countries throughout the world and all have been created and grown within the same business and marketing model.

Its management team, led by Jonni Davis, has been carefully selected from all areas of the leisure, media and entertainments industries and all have extensive knowledge within their specific fields.

emc3i has continued to expand, even during a recession and now enjoys more than 20 brands within its portfolio in its first 11 years, with more in development for 2018 and beyond.

Jonni Davis
CEO / Founder